Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ah yes, spring... almost summer but not just yet. Well, the first thing to note about the beach is the weather! Make sure you get a booking there when the sun comes out. Spring is still too early to early to make long plans for the weather so timing is everything.

Fortunately, if you are reading this post, you have been warned. Well we were not so lucky. So in the midst of the April holidays, we decided to head to Brighton and the beach! Okay, head count... Me, Zhen, Wai Kit and Chien Sheng... The morning bus from London was not a good choice. The driver did not take the highway or freeway and we were left at the back of the bus playing hamster cage with our tummies. The morning bus took us through the village roads snaking south (Now why dont the Brits build straight roads? They Ghey?)

Anyway, managed to hold on to breakfast (even though I did not have any) until we reached there 2 hours later. Here was where the adventure began. Morning at the beach, bad idea. It wasn't a breeze, it was a wind blast from the sea. Not that cold but to us, Artic wind! So, here we are, four Malaysian dudes in the middle of a city yet to wake up. Thank fully after searching some alleys, we found this Naked place. It was a tea house and it felt like heaven compared to the bus! And so we had tea.

Not to be deterred by the early morning wind and the solemn desolate beach, we decided to march down to the marina, full gear 5 kilometers away! On a normal day I would not do this, but the amount of testosterone meant that it was every man or nothing. Plus we had nothing better to do. So like a band of brothers we did the 5km like there was no tomorrow.

It was only 30 mins later we arrived at the marina after hiking walls and going down the cliff. Surprisingly, nothing was open there as well even at 10am! Bah.. At least there were boats and the walls. So we decided to head back to the city and test the public transport.

Brighton has its own fleet of buses and for two pounds (wtf) we took a bus back to the centre of the city 8 km away. Along the way, the residents of the sleepy town were clearly waking up.

Anyhow, we waited for Brighton to live up to its name, but in the mean time, we were actually curious about a mosque like building in the middle of a UK city. It was actually a museum at Brighton and despite its location, it still looked pretty odd. So we decided to sneak around the compound like ninjas to find someway in. We failed. No harm, still can get some pictures on the way.

It was lunch time and we were hungry after trekking and sneaking around. With the city awake, we took to the streets to find something nice to eat. Naturally, we were looking for some seafood and we found a nice little store tucked in an alley.

There was something about the pier that brought people here. Gambling. The others thought it would be quite cool to go have a shot with 1 pound worth of pennies. I think they won a lolly pop and a key chain and got some thrill out of the arcade. I was stared at for bringing a camera into the arcade. Probably those kids ar afraid i might shoot someone.

Finally, after five hours of being in Brighton, the sun came out and shared its warmth to the beach! Last one there is a loser! The people came out as well, albeit not in droves. Still it was a pretty sight... not too crowded not to cold... just nice.

After soaking up the sun, we went down the promenade, the nice beach road which skirts Britain's southern coast. We walked down and admired the beauty and shore and the sea and something that was burnt beyond recognition. There were people cycling, jogging and old people just sitting down drinking tea. Basket ball, beach foot ball, surfing... amazing. There was even a local band and a mall. we went into the mall of course but found it was nothing more than a handful of shops.

As fast as it came out of the clouds, it was almost gone. Sunset. Not used to seeing sunset in London... but here, it was the first time I saw such a golden sunset. We were not alone.. along the beach, hundreds of people who were enjoying the sun are now enjoying the sunset. I could not miss this and got some of the shots i wanted.

Before long, it was time to return. Dinner time too. I had a fish burger while the other guys decided to get back to london first given the bus ride earlier. But wait. I booked the train this time. Booking early, I mananged to get this train for 4 pounds (the bus here was about 3 pounds) from london booking a month in advance. Here, suddenly in the train station, some British girl smiled and said to me... welcome to England.. I cant help but to smile. Do I look like a tourist? Back to London.

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