Thursday, April 7, 2011

Body of Imperial College Student Found

Too sad so I won't comment... much...

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~Daily Mail

Pals say they borrowed his phone to call another friend but as they did the first-year mechanical engineering student , who had drank about six pints, ran off down Prince Consort Road in South Kensington.

CCTV footage showed Anthony near the stairs of the Royal Albert Hall, but there was no other trace of him.

Anthony's family, who are from Kent, and his friends, led by brother Jeff, launched a huge hunt to find him with a Facebook campaign and leaflets.

Marine police entered the lake and recovered the body, the death is being treated as unexplained.'

Anthony had diagnosed himself as bi-polar, and had suffered ups and downs, his family said.

Speaking of the last time Anthony was seen, Jeff had said: 'He was very happy at the time. His friends described him as being hyperactive which is quite normal for him.

'He's mentioned before that he likes to run when he has had a drink.'


Unfortunately, death is on the rise.

I recall how during my first year, the seniors used to say South Kensington is very safe. People won't rob you even if you paid them.

However, this is the third case of such a student death in London.
The other two in 2011 are around the news.

Suicide? Well, in my first year, there was this guy who jumped out of halls. I don't think Imperial students would do that though. They should be too busy studying for exams.

Accident? Well, the guy had six pints. You have to be British to do that... I had one and I was red as a tomato... Plus running after some pints, when your uni is next to a park with a lake? Not such a good idea...

Where does that leave us? Condolences to the family and just pray that nothing else unfolds in this bleak 2011.

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