Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm coming home!

Dear blog, so that i do not forget,

Yeah! Finally its time to go back after four years of uni!. It has been a long four years and a whole journey with many roadbumps and opportunities.

24 hours from now, I would be on a plane 12 hours from my Bb and home. Said my goodbyes to so many people already, Imperial frens, housemates, old hallmates, LSE frens and Ethos. Lets see, seafood session at Mandrin Kitchen, monopoly, Bacardi, barbecue, gym, swim, Thai, steak, chinese, Hyde Park, Fusball, Sorbet, Bugis Street, Bayswater, Burberry, Boots all in a week! Ouch!

Anyway, mum and dad are here from Paris and they met up with loads of old friends. I am happy that they are here with me, yet its sad somehomw. Its sad to see how they have aged as I have grown. Its so sad to my bro drowning in computer games. Its sad to see Kiki in a cage for a week, poor boy. Its sad that bb is still 36 hours away.

Still, I it has been an eventful year, where I prooved to myself that nothing is impossible. Got an award from Credit Suisse (again). Thanks Hui Xian for helping me win:

which I gave to Bb cause her lappie went broke.
And then there was that unexpected win at Bosch. Amazing braised lamb at the Royal Academy of Engineering and also got to meet the inventor of Kinect!

Even got the highest in the research project with Nigel.

and highest final year design project with Team 5!
 From left: Deen, Me, Jai, Pong, Angus, Niklas, Syuhada, Shen, Alex, Yuru and Prof Denis Dugwell.

What a year. This First Class is for you all!

Bought a lot of gifts, and gonna take down the

from my wall. The sweet memories that babe and I made. From left: Lumut, Genting Highlands, Lumut, Ampang Lookout point with S3, Berjaya Times Square roller coaster, Port Dickson Thistle, KLCC 42nd Floor, Random pic while I was playing PS, Bb's birthday 2010, iCity,  Vain Bb @ Lumut, and Najib's (PM's) Raya open house.

WTH, some chinaman left something on the stove and its burning, smoking the whole house. Why cant I just let the house burn down? Oh, cause im still here. Ah well, 1 more day and no more chinaman.

Time to continue packing and hope to revisit this page when I miss my uni life!

Norman KK Ng, 16th June 2011, 12.23am.

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