Monday, August 22, 2011

I wish I could take this along #1

Now this lil thing does not look appetizing, but I swear by my life you are looking at the most delicious burger you ever had your eyes on!

This humble burger mayonaise is no typical Ramli burger because I failed to find any other (Ramli) burger that comes close to the (godlike) feeling when you take a bite at this.

I'm sure those who have been around Sungai Ara would have tasted this. Its sold by this Malay man who has been at it for many years now (first time i had it was 2001 and now he is still going strong in 2011!). You will find the stall (now a truck) parked inside Taman Sungai Ara near a Shell station and a 7-eleven.

Not sure what makes this burger so tasty but I have always been observing how it's made so here's a break down without fail:

1. Have a hot grill running with a lil oil on top.

2. Cut the burger bun into half. Add a knife of planta on all sides. Heat on the grill until the fragrance of butter fills the air for the outside and until the bread turns a lil brown on the inside side. Put to the side.

3. Get a chicken/beef patty, grill for 3-4 mins. Get a bread knife and do a butterfly on the patty (slice the patty into half so you get two thin patties). Grill the inside of the butterfly for 2 mins. Put to the side.

4. A squirt of tomato and chilli sauce on the bread bottom, a (big) handful of thinly sliced cabbage and onions to top it up. Whack a spoonful of mayonaise onto the vegs.

5. Break an egg with one hand and use the shell to spread the egg into an oval on the grill. Add a dash of pepper and some secret sauce (might be just soya sauce). Wrap the patty in the egg pouch.

6. Place the egged patty on the cabbage, top with more chilli sauce and tomato sauce! and voila!

Okay, that only sounds tantalizing but its no joke, this is hands down tastier than GBK, McD or Burger King. Damn, I wish I could take this along.

So next time you are in Penang, make sure you have a try at this stall at Sungai Ara. I gurantee you will never regret it!

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