Friday, September 9, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival @ One Utama

It's the mid autumn festival and so we decided to go check out One Utama for the festive season...
First thing we noticed was  the decor there which wore a theme that looked like a cross breed of lantern festival and halloween.
Because, not only did the place feature some traditional lantern like stores, it also had this:
What I don't understand is why the bunnies with the big smiling teeth... anyone care to explain?
And why the rocket? Is it time to go to the full moon? Well, besides mooncakes and lanterns sold there, on display were a large array of goodies and hampers!
As for food, we went to try out the new food court on the top floor next to the suspension bridge.
A lil crowded, and really limited seats, eating there on a normal day would be much less hectic.
Either way, many choices of food there... check out the chicken rice and western food stores! You will rub shoulders and rub butts with the many patrons there, as designed by the architects.
Today, we ordered the Hainan Chicken rice set which comes with the following minus the drink:
This will easily set you back RM12 but once in a while... Bon apetite! and Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

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