Saturday, September 24, 2011

IT Fair 2011@ Midvalley Megamall and the Bull Run

I would be the last person who would be interested in the mega sale but something caught my eye that I could not resist! 

The IT fair @ Midvalley were offering 500GB Seagate Expansion Portable hard disks at RM99 per piece. At this time, (3rd Quarter of 2011) market price was around RM165. So I thought to myself why not?
There's a catch: the IT fair lasts from 2-4th September and there were only 100 units per day to be offered, 50 units at 11am (opening) and another 50 at 4pm.

Fine, here's the plan, reach at 10am , get some breakfast and wait for the opening...sounds bullet proof no? Next day...

 Ah shit! (Did I say shit?) Yes! Look at the crowd! All wanting to get their hands on the Hard Disk... This was at the opening minute! I could see hundreds of people running like mad cows, dogs and cats .....and mice... running as if the world was going to end! So what to do? Join in of course! Well, I took a slow jog but I'm sure I was in at least 50 videos, courtesy of the on looking sales people! Googled just to make sure... not up yet! phew...
 By the time we got to the Seagate shop, the crowd was massive! My dreams of RM99 500GB HDD were dashed, somewhat...
 Yes, there were so many people wanting to get their hands on it... counted a thousand people! Anyhow...I walked to the front, by the side of the line... where the sales staff began announcing that the promotion was for coupon holders only... meaning that you needed to get some coupons online... double dashed...I was at the counter but not in the line as everyone was paying close attention to the announcements.

Suddenly, another staff opened a line and I suddenly found myself in front of a thousand other people! Dumb luck! Although the line was for 1TB Seagate at RM200... Still a steal! (it rhymes!). It was a no brainer for me! As fast as it went it! I came out with these...
 Bb, couldn't resist but to buy a Hello Kitty netbook sleeve...
 So here is the loot. 2.5" of raw data storage for 40% below market price and an astounding 1TB that will last me well over 10 years (For Cheok Hao it will last only 1).

Only problem was it was a USB 2.0 which meant a maximum transfer speed of 420Mbit/s or around 8MB per second on 64bit. Good for storage, but still not that good for playing back HD movies. For those who don't speak geek, here is a comparison of USB 1, 2 and 3.

 USB 1.0
 USB 2.0 (420Mbits/s)
USB 3.0 (5Gbits/s)
Until next time!


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