Sunday, October 2, 2011

I lost my meatballs @ Delicious, Straits Quay

Here is a new place in town. The newly built Straits Quay (Mini) Mall opened in late 2010 after years of reclaiming the limited Penang island land.

New to the place,  I found myself in the company of Bb friends...

From left: Bb, CY, EC... Initials only... Anyway, according to many, delicious is the place to go for dessert, cakes and sweet stuff.
For example this lemonade and white chocolate cake! At first sight, there it was a nice place. Pros:

1. Good decor, modern furnishing, and a nice view of the sea. Note the tropical trees, bamboos, and birdcages!

2. Obviously air conditioned.

3. Straits Quay parking will be free for some time.

Sampled their signature fish and chips! Noting really special for this...So don't really recommend it to anyone...but just in case:

The shepherd pie looked appetizing and I'm sure it was delicious.
Hot chocolate and marshmellows with a lil cup of syrup for all you drinks.
Erm, their red velvet cupcake (Red velvet is an amazing must try) but I saw them scraping off all the cream... wonder why...
As for their meatball looks a lil like:
Only one problem if you can notice... where are my meatballs!!? Which brings me to the cons of the place... Only one which time will rectifiy (hopefully):

1. The place was severely understaffed, there were only two waiters for around 50 tables...

This means that the managers had to come out and do their work which could also mean that they may be neglecting what ever is going on in the kitchen.. or there might not be anyone in the kitchen, hence the missing meat balls.

So poor was the service we even had to wait 10 mins to get our meatballs cooked and serve :( Anyway, after some waiting and some screaming, finally got the meat balls in a separate bowl.. how retarded... Because of the rush, I thought the meatballs sucked balls, not simmered in sauce and just hurriedly dumped and sauced on... I'd pay more for Williams or Murni...

Yet, these are just teething problems and I am sure that they will get more people to work there soon, so at the moment, do them a favour and go someplace else until they are fully staffed.

And if you do have some extra cash to spare, why not buy a yatch (I happen to know someone who sells yatches if you want your own!).
In the meantime (2011), Straits Quay is still a new place, so come a lil later to enjoy its full facilities.


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