Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Operation© Big Surprise Clue #13/34 My other home

Clue 13 was shot partially in my second home. I stayed in Sunway for a some time when I was younger. Back then, Sunway itself was a hole in the ground. The rows of houses actually sank from erosion some years ago. In the past, when there was no LDP behind the house, I would use to go catch tadpoles in the park behind my house.

I could still vividly remember watching TV when I was four. That time, there was no pyramids, no lagoon and no hotels definitely. There was also a time when my paternal grandparents used to take care of me there.

Somehow, memories many years ago are still fresh in my head.

More to the present, Sunway is now in the middle of everything! Can't wait to get back home!

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