Thursday, May 13, 2010

Operation© Big Surprise Clue #14+15/34 Gurney and Food

Double take. Gurney is just a place that has endless supplies of food. Clue 14 and 15 are a testament to food.

Babe and me are always on the trail of food. We would order something small at one shop and then finish a second half of the meal somewhere else!

At gurney recently, we were actually having pizza at one one store. Just decided to try out to see how good was the pizza. It was satifactory, but that did not stop us from our next stop:
Teppanyaki! I personally had not ever seen teppanyaki chefs up close and it was amazing that it was a performance rather than cooking. The chef was playing with knives and hurling spatulas into the air. I could swear that he is some kinda ninja. Delicous!

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