Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The beach!!

One fine weekend, babe and me took a trip down to the sandy beaches of Port Dickson! The journey from Sunway took around 2 and a half hours. So in that
time, there is some time for pre vacation photos!
On the way there, we were talking happily until we started to talk about getting Bb to the UK this Christmas of 2010. There was a long silence. For one hour, my mind poured and schemed on how to get Bb to the UK. I'm a lousy multitasker, and babe was getting annoyed and thought that I did not want to talk to her. It was the longest drive ever.

We finally arrived at our destination. Thistle Port Dickson. It was a 5 star hotel that was newly opened and I managed to get i for the price of a 3 start! Wee! I'll leave the hotel bit to Babe.

Contrary to what I thought, the beach at PD was still in good condition, unlike some places. The sand was still fine.
Our first order of business was to get to the beach! We had strawberries because some weekends ago, Bb missed some from Cameron Highlands! See I so nice!
There were swinglets around the beach so as curious tourists, we took to the skies!
I had my trusty tripod and remote control. Note the kewl sunglasses i got from Lumut!
Whats the beach without your very own bikini girl! No wonder there's global warming...
Next was the swimming pool to cool down the heat! We had coconuts at the pool bar!
Did I mention they had a really big pool? Deep too. Would not recommend this place if you are: 1) short 2) not really good at swimming. Otherwise, you need a life guard or me!

Before dinner, we took to the lounge, trying to get everyone out of the frame.
Nice view from the tannoy. Over looking the swimming pool, there was a bunch of tourists staring at us!
But you think we cared?? We went on to get some more pics!
Then Bb, found the stairway interesting.
I was more into fancy lights! Speaking about lights, we decided to get some light painting done!
It was a first time experience for Bb who autographed this picture with my iPhone!
At night, the pool becomes a really scenic place as the lights turn everything into a spectacular glow!
With the help of a flash module and back lighting, we turned out evening into a romantic photoshoot!
And my model for the nite!
the clouds make an excellent background for the pool fountains!

Time to retire for the night!

We ushered in the morning by visiting the light house next door! Just 200m from the hotel at Tanjung Tuan, this light house is still making sure ships do not park in front of the resorts!
Called the Rumah Api Tuan, the actual light house sits atop a cliff.
The fishermen in the back ground are actually 100 feet below us!
Getting there was a 20 minute hike and you become a blood donor, to mosquitoes.
But you can cheat, drive your car up for a small duit kopi!
What a visit to Port Dickson without getting some sand back! I am now a proud owner of 500 ml of PD sand!!
To see how clean PD was, one can find hermit crabs on the shoreline. Life!
Despite the offshore platforms in the distance, these platforms are just there for maintenance. There is no oil in Selat Melaka fyi!

With out sand secured, time to get back to the real life. Yet, even for a one night trip, we seemed to have found a day of paradise to add to our memories!

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