Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feasting Harry Potter Style

Exam exam exams.. sick of it, so what else can we do? Lightbulb! Lets go to Oxford and have a Harry Potter Style Formal! When I arrived, Xander, Nana and boyfriend*, and John were watching Gossip Girl Season four last episode... it was the last ten minutes but after some post mortem, i jot down some spoiler notes!
*Anonymous for now!

Yes, thats what they are called. So every college in Oxford Uni will have a formal dinner thrice every week where the inhabitants of the college come out and socialise. In fact, Harry Potter was filmed in Oxford and borrows the culture and tradition...

So here are the pictures:

We had a three course meal for only four pounds! Courtesy of Brasenose College! These Oxford students do it three times a week. Here, there is also a high table reserved for lecturers ( Fellows ) and exchange table for people from other colleges! And from the movie:
After dinner, it was already 8pm, but knowing the British summer, it was still so bright! in fact, sundown was around 10pm! We went to the cloister to experience our harry potter moment!

If you did not know, this is actually a cemetery, where dozens of people were laid to rest under the cloister path. Here, no lights shine at night and it did get a bit spooky with all the middle ages statues and figurines.
Just for comparison!
And here lies the tree where the ferret scene was filmed! Surreal and peacful actually!
After that, we went back for some chatting and headed for the Oxford Tube! 11 pounds london return nightrider and Xander, Jon and myself went for some D&G ice cream, specially made in Oxford! Yum!
See ya there!

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G&D's! You didn't call me D=

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