Sunday, May 22, 2011

WETS, WTF, DIU and Ice cream!

WETS (world ending today syndrome) and ice cream!

Dear blog,

Well, if you are reading this then you are still here! Yeah, as usual, once in a while some person or group would go say it's the end of the world. No different, 21 May was the predicted date for all to break loose. Of course nothing happened... I'm not surprised... The world doesn't just end that way I was thinking to myself.

Yet, after waking up today, I got the world ending today syndrome (WETS). Theres also the World Tomorrow Finishing syndrome (WTFs) and death imminent uncertainty (DIU) disorder. Now what could they be? Well quite simple, people would do funny things when they realize or believe the world is going to end eg. Sell all their possessions, drop out of uni, u get the picture... I'm sure a whole heap of people also proposed did some lovey dovey thing b4 the "die". It is basically reflection of oneself that these people will stir.

Indeed, the world did end for thousands of people yesterday, just check the papers and u will read about almost every way to die. It is a reflection to do with what if?

So why WETS?
Here's a quickie list:
1: I did not tell bb how much I love her yesterday. 
2; Did not hold bb close and make her feel secure.
3: Spent time being bZ and not enough time enjoying
4; Did not get to travel around the world
5: Did not call mum and dad and my brother...

So the list goes on... Well next time I'll be prepared as not to get WETS. So here's a list of must do things the day b4 u die ( if u miss out on this one, there will be another WeTS moment in oct 21!)

1: Tell your loved ones you love them.
2: Spend time with Bb and make her feel loved.
3. Watch every movie u did not get to watch
4. Eat the ice cream/ chocolate that u have lying around.
5. Play your favorite game
6. Down that bottle of vodka u stashed away.

As I make this list, I'm reminded of friends and family who could not, who do not have the luxury to suffer WETS.  Yes, as cliche as it may sound, doesn't kill to repeat, we will not know what's gonna happen tomorrow prediction or not.

I still remember how my parents thought they would not survive an accident last year in which their car turned 90 degrees on it's side, how my brother had an huge gate fall on him when he was just three which permanently severed part of his finger or how I had a hammer fall on my head from the ceiling) when I was four ( I can't remember anything much in that episode after I was sent to the clinic). I bet you have your WETS moment as well...

Wow... Now that I think of it, WETS really helps the economy!

Still, u get the idea, so now, do it right and happy WETS!

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