Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secret to decoding women!

Funny thing i read, when a man says he wants beer, he really wants beer... but when women say something... they mean totally different things! Its scary, but I wonder how true is this? Is it universal?

Subconscious languages
What She Said  (What She Means)
  1. We need ( I want)
  2. I'm sorry ( You will be sorry)
  3. You decide (As long as I agree)
  4. I'm not upset (Of course I'm upset!)
  5. You have to learn to communicate (Just freaking agree with me!)
  6. Do you love me? ( I want something expensive!)
  7. How much do you love me? ( Erm, I did something you won't like)
Well, number 7 definitely hasn't happened to me yet. :)

Moral of the story, when women say one thing, the can be trying to say the opposite!

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