Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warwick Malaysian Night 2009

Ahh, time to get out the old sleeping bag (Thanks Nigel) and hop on the bus! Its off to Warwick this week for the University of Warwick Malaysian Night. I departed Victoria Coach Station at about 1.30 pm on saturday and took a Megabus to Cannon Park, Coventry ( Uni of Warwick is actually not in Warwick!). I arrived at the Student Hub and there were shuttle buses taking us to Coventry. There, the Malasian Society arranged a buffet dinner at some indian restaurant, MYO if im not mistaken.. Salad, Naan, taandori, even deep fried balls in syrup was served all to be washed down with some vanilla ice cream! T
After being posers for a while, I made my way to Belgrade theatre where the Mnite was held. I met up wif Chin Soon, my host for the night... Its funny.. guys who come to UK lose weight.. he lost 20 kilos! Man.. If any of you Sunway ppl remember his size last time, he probably has an 8 pack lurking under that suit!

The Mnite was well organised, and the performance was exceptionally good to set a standard to all other M nites in UK. If anyone has the video, PLEEAASEE post up the VIDEO of them playing badminton with TEFAL PANS!!! Its so cool!!!

The moral of the story really gave me a F5 key (F5 is refresh for all u non PC literate ppl). The story was really cliche albeit interestingly twisted with some Malaysian street smart. The finale was the dikir barat performance which was also spectacular, despite the high pitched shouting of the girls in there.. Haha..
The performance ended after that and I followed Chin Soon and Ping home to their place.. Will blog about what we did that nite later... cause its a whole new topic!

9 am my watch showed when we left his place in Leamington. Chin Soon took me on a personal tour around Leamington ( It was just one straight road actually..). First stop, highstreet leam where the shops were sadly all closed on an early sunday morn. Next, we took a peek into Jephson Gardens. Apparently, all the animals in the park are property of the Uni. If you killed a duck, you get prosecuted by the local council, if you kill a swan or a peacock, you get prosecuted by the Queen!

We went down town to get some smoothies.. he got chocolate milkshake and I got Mango Orange with Raspberry.. Too bad I did not get the contact details of the sales girls.. Ooo..
Next stop, take a 30min bus ride to Coventry, where I was shown the WHOLE uni!
Its huge for one thing, just like USM where babe is studying.

I was kinda like a poser in some pics. There was even a frozen lake where I failed to walk on water. They also have factories inside the uni! 3 of them with real engineers working the. Whats wierd was one of the buildings had grass on its roof! The area has one of the highest crime rates in the UK with at least 3 student suicides every year... ouch... but by the looks of this smooth operator here, the students are in a world of their own. People here drink to get drunk and do all sorts of funny stuff... might have been lucky that I did not stay any longer.. if not ..
After 10 miles of solid walking, I got back to Cannon Park and decided to give babe a lil call. Overall, great trip and Next stop, Newcastle..

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CL said...

EXCUSE MEEEEE, what do u mean u did not get the contact details of the sales girlS? U wanna kena is it???

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