Sunday, February 8, 2009

Siam Ar, Thai People Coming thru!!

Sawadikap!! On Wednesday 4th of Feb 09, the Imperial College London Thai Society let it all out on their thai night 2009. If you were there in the MDH, you would have been treated to a mouth watering selection of thai cuisine including Thai satay, spring rolls, roasted chicken, mushrooms, thai stir fry veges, tomyam chicken, huge king prawns and delicious triplet of traditional thai dessert.

All the while, there were various performances ongoing to entertain like the traditional dances, sword fighting, thai kick boxing, modern dances and musical plays. Interwoven into the night was a virtual tour of modern day Siam, from north to south, east to west, the beaches on Phuket to the vibrance of Bangkok, the land of the free, (thai means free) was promoted by the thai tourism ministry. It was amozing how much the thai government and organisations supported the event through various donations to make the night a success.

However, the most impressive part of the night was about the King of thailand, his highness, Bhumibol Adulyadej. At the beginning of the event, guests stood up to pay respect to his highness and for a good reason. It turns out the king was indeed the poeple's hero. He was a composer, a photographer, took part in sports, writer, samaritan, rainmaker etc.. He was the kind of King who did many things in his past times and many things for the people. For example, project royal rain was a cloud seeding proejct overlooked by his majesty.

I was seated with my Chem Eng Friends that night, most of them from China, including Derek, Cherri, Hung, Elaine, Ruien, Ren Zhe, Felicia, Pong(sathorn, Toey- the guy who sold me the ticket, i hope i spell your name right!) and Narisa. Had a good night and after that, we made our way home! so Siam Ar...

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CL said...

Hahha..I don't get what your "Siam ar" means at first..HAHA

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