Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentines day is here.. what is the point? Take a look at what I mean:

2004: Buy her roses at her school gathering. Did not have the guts to hand it to her personally. Must try harder next time. Smiled at her when we met. She was in her green uniform that time. We were barely together for 3 weeks. That time it was ICQ if I’m not mistaken.

2005: Gave her chocolates. Had a good time out at some shopping mall in Penang. You were driving cause I did not have my driver's license yet. Must do something more next year. I still remember how you always wanted me to hold your hands. I'm sorry it took so long.

2006: First valentines without you. Found myself driving along an endless road into Mara Banting, taking a friend to see her boyfriend... All I could do was send a text message and give her a short call. Looking into the mirror of my car, I see a place so unfamiliar. I still have a picture of my lonely reflection. So far away, 500km of road to get to you.

2007: Celebrated valentines with Fidaus’s Birthday. There was a huge board at Sunway College where lovers posted up dedications on a big heart. I guess interstate distance is not such a problem anymore. I remember sending a card or a wish or something to you. Must be in my diary or in the pile of letters I keep behind my bed.

2008: First valentines in England… Where the hell am I? Continents and Oceans between us… very few familiar faces. What to do? Drown in solace and send a card along with an e mail. The page with February 14th is left with no signs of love.. no signs of you. Wonder how I got so caught up in my other things…

2009: 2nd Valentines in England… On my bed, typing this post. You are in Genting Highlands enjoying yourself. No flowers… no chocolates… no hugs… no kisses…not even a little respite for that thing beating in my chest. Ah well, I hope she does receive my letter in due time.

See? So, to all you single people out there, rejoice, life is not so bad… Peace be with you..
Right now I have to do a run a simulation for Interstage Cooling Plug Flow Reactor for an exothermic reaction.
PS: Babe, when i'm back I grant you your valentine wish alright? 这样爱你.

Excerpts from our creative MSN conversation:
KOK says:
#stands up and holds out the flowers and the chocolates, staring into your pretty eyes laced with the mascara you just bought#

Chia Li says:
ok. *lifts u up and gives u a peck on the cheek, pulls ur ear and says "u dare not to make me ur valentine and SEE"*

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