Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last Chinese New Year Outing 2009!

The last day I have for Chinese New Year Outing. Off to Trafalgar Square to join in the Chinese New Years Celebration. The Chinese Premier was on a visit to London. Inset is Nelson's Column into the sun. The 30 000 strong crowd awaited as the performances geard up. There were lion dances and dragon dances to entertain. Not to mention the Chinese speaking Ang Mo.

I left home with Xander at about 10 am and headed to Beit Quad to meet up with the PhotoSoc. Kirshan, Alfred, Chris were there. After geting out of bus 9, we made our way and mingled with the crowd. It started snowing! Soon after, me and Xander continued on to Chinatown for lunch.

Lunch at La Iguanas (I think) the ambience was splendid. The decor was really cool, especially the men's toilets and the walkway. Fancy a lil shrimp cocktail? Mushroom Soup? How bout savouring a lil Tapas or some Rissoto?

After leaving from lunch, I went back alone to settle some unfinished work. the wonders of construction. Safety is such a large emphasis in London construction. This was at Selfridges on the way back to High Street Kensington. Looks like a total make over!

It started snowing rather unusually for a February and soon.. well, let the picture tell you the thousand words! I even got a snowman visitor!

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CL said...

awwww...i want to eat everything u ate! hahaha...sounds so deliciousssssssss

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