Thursday, November 12, 2009


4. Keep your mind from missing her/him too much

The feelings can be overwhelming. Missing your favorite man or woman is a feeling that cannot be described, only experienced. Trust me, it sucks, but that's life. It a sad feeling being alone, so avoid that feeling. Get distracted! Relationships can’t be your life. The more you try to improve on your relationship, the more you might me trying too hard, and wasting your precious time developing yourself. So keep your schedules busy and keep that feeling at bay until he or she come back into your arms.

Among the best ways to get distracted include:

1. Surround yourself with friends. Ah.. What better way to take away the feeling of loneliness with more friends.
2. Get a hobby. Keeping your fingers busy will take your mind of the missing feeling. Read a book, blog about something but just keep that mind busy from wandering into the feeling.
3. Plan your day so that you just ample time to have a balance.
4. Learn a new skill. The more skills you learn, the more valuable you are because knowledge is an asset that you carry with you. Academic knowledge is the least useful. Communication skills, accounting, babysitting are all examples of practical skills that are priceless

There are also plenty of ways one can distract oneself from missing the other half, but for every good way, there are ten bad ways that will distract you and definitely make you feel worse.

However, suppose that you are well distracted from the feelings that make you want to crack, time will pass by faster and in no time, you will be reunited with that special someone. Indeed, my 5 months in Melbourne are nearly up! Just a few more days to go!
1. LDRs can work
2. Prepare to give and sacrifice often
3. Make time for your partner
4. Distractions
5. Set some rules
6. Tell the truth
7. Go the extra mile
8. Get out of temptation
9. Practice and Learn
10.Expect arguements and be forgiving

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e l d y said...

Sometimes it is hard to against distractions.. because we cannot predict the things will go to be happen in future ~

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