Friday, November 20, 2009

8. Get out of temptation.

8. Get out of temptation.

Too often have I been strangled by the hands of temptation. Visiting places like Europe and Australia, I can only watch helplessly as couples engage in public display of affection. I am not digusted. Just really jealous that these people have the privilage of being with their loved ones. And just to make things clear, French Kissing did not originate from France at all, but in places like Spain and Portugal, love is just everywhere. So, what can the separated person do? Even back at home in conservative Malaysia, one is not free from the sight of couples. Sigh, to hold my loved one would be a wish right now.

Stay out of tempation! Although people all around you are doing it, you have to save that feeling for later when you get back. In the words of a wise Man,"If your left eye causes you to sin, then pluck it out." Not that harse. Keep a distance from temptation or it will get you!

Exams over.

Rest in Peace grandpa. I will miss you always.

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