Monday, November 2, 2009

Sick! Sick!

I hope it is not swine flu!! Symptoms: Feverish, dry throat, feeling hot, headaches.

Well, it all started when 2 months ago when I joined the US stock markets which opens from 9.30am to 5.00pm US time. Thats 12.30am till 7.00am Australian time. For two months, I spent my nites and mornings trading ficticious funds courtesy of Credit Suisse. I'll blog about that soon, but the whole point is that wow, 2 months of shifting your sleep patterns does make your head go nuts.

Things got worse 2 days ago when the weather got wonky. Probably thats why they call it under the weather. The outside temperature was going cookoo. The mercury touched 28 degrees celcius and everyone was either taking their clothes off or heading to the pool in their bikinis!

Anyway, that nite,I made the fateful mistake of chewing mint gum! Okay, here's the bad thing about gum. Although it keeps your breath fresh, you would not want to chew it at night as it contains phenylalanine, a chemical which keeps you awake, make you anxious and gives you insomnia. Right, so I did my chewing and in the middle of that, I was juggling studying with Rubik's cube when suddenly I bit my mouth! Ouch.

When i decided to go to bed, not only was it too warm with the windows fully open, the effects of the gum started kicking in. From 2am till 6am i lied on my bed. Feeling anxious and letting the world go through my head. My eyes were tired, but the mind would not stop thinking. The anxiety just kept growing. At 4am, unfortunately, some birds decided to wake up to greet the sunlight(daylight savings time in the summer) And, lucky me, my room is on the 3rd floor and my balcony is right in front of the trees. Great, I did not know that birds can sing so loud! Funny enough, this only happens when there is fog.

Fine, so I got up at 6am and decided to go for a walk around the uni. The most desolate feeling ever. The sound of the traffic lights greeted me on the roads. (In Australia, traffic lights make knocking noise!) Not a soul or a car in sight. I took some pictures cause Melbourne is seldom foggy. By 7.00am, I was alredy in my room making breakfast. Some catching up with the newspaper, and by 8am, I was dead on the bed. By 12pm, my hunger pangs woke me up for lunch and the day resumed.

That night, I made another mistake. My housemate brought back a bag of dried chilli. I miss chilli but I gues putting a large pinch into a small bowl of soup is not a good idea. Checking up on the mouth i bit, I has now become an infected ulcer and I can feel my immune system waging war on the foreign organisms invading. Talk about a series of unfortunate events.

Time to hit the sack!

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CL said...

Bb, why u so weird put up my current entries on the top left of ur blog?? Or is it like an auto-update thing?? If not, I would advise u to link better entries I wrote. Hahah..kiss!

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