Monday, November 16, 2009

Tell the truth.

6. Liar Liar pants on fire.

Any person alive who can declare telling the truth everytime must be lying! The road in a relationships has speed bumps, curves and all sort of highway signs. Often, we find ourselves in hot water, where the easiest way out is to tell a lie. For a long distance relationship to work.

One should tell the truth. Always. The truth may not be pleasing to the ear, but ear pleasing words may not be true. In all cases, not many want to be living a lie, so be honest. If something is not going well, or you are not happy with something, tell the truth. Even if it means hurting your partner. What is more hurtful than being blasted by the truth is to discover that your partner had been lying to you.

Trust makes up a large portion of love, and one cannot trust another without the truth. To lie to your partner is to risk losing trust and risk losing your relationship. There are times that the truth may be of disadvantage to you. You might realise that it has been your mistake in something. Trust me, tell the truth and face the music, because it is the brave thing to do and your partner may even reconcile and forgive your deeds. Yet, in the event that telling the truth may ruin your relationship, still tell the truth, it is never too late to find a person who appreciates the true you. Finding the person who is interested in the real you will often result in long term happiness.

So, to sum it up, thou shall tell the truth, or suffer the consequences, Mwhahaha...

1. LDRs can work
2. Prepare to give and sacrifice often
3. Make time for your partner
4. Distractions
5. Set some rules
6. Tell the truth
7. Go the extra mile
8. Get out of temptation
9. Practice and Learn
10.Expect arguements and be forgiving

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