Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top Ten Most Romantic Places in the world

Ever wondered where in the world are the most romantic places to visit? Look no further!
Here is a top ten list of the most romantic getaways the world has to offer!

Number 10 - Fiji, Republic of Fiji

Pristine white beach sand between your toes; warm sea breezes whispering through palm tree fronds overhead; sweet fragrance of tropical flowers floating through the air; distant sounds of drums and harmonious singing; breathtaking sunsets reflecting off azure water. Yes, Fiji is romance.

Number 9- French Riviera, France

Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez, Cap-Ferrat and Cap d’Antibes… for decades, the picturesque seaside towns of the Mediterranean have lured the rich, the famous, and the beautiful to the French Riviera.

Yet the area’s golden sunshine, clear turquoise waters, and pastel-colored bistros and hotels also make the Cote d’Azur the perfect spot for a South of France romantic getaway.

Number 8 - Tahiti, French Polynesia

Each of the many islands of Tahiti is a tiny paradise. Some isles are crowned with jagged peaks soaring magically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet while others appear as if gracefully tossed upon the ocean – barely floating above the breaking waves

Number 7 - London, England

After staying in London for 2 years.. I must admit that I can't imagine it being such a romantic place. But yet, there are many attractions fit for the romance seeker. After all, London is the centre of the world.

Number 6 - Sydney, Australia Want some ultimate romantic touches? Enjoy a candlelight dinner, then cruise your way to the Opera House for an evening of entertainment. Take a seaplane journey over the Harbour on your way to a private stretch of beach for lunch, or even on to the Hunter Valley for dinner and tastings at a wine cellar.As you can see, Sydney provides an amazing variety of romantic escapes to make any vist unique and unforgettable, allowing you to do (or not do) as much as you might wish, from wine tastings to wildlife viewing, from vibrant city life to secluded beaches, to cruises on the Harbour to scenic flights over the Harbour on your way to dinner.

Number 5 - Florence, Italy Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany, on Italy's north-west coast. A good reference point for navigating your way around Florence is its central train station, Santa Maria Novella, although the Duomo is pretty hard to miss. You can walk from one end of the city center to the other in about 30 minutes. There are plenty of tours available for tourists to learn about the city's amazing history and see breathtaking buildings found in courtyards you'd probably miss without a guide. Florence is a great place for honeymooners as the city's flair most definitely has a hint of romance in it.

Number 4 - BahamasNassau, the capital, adds a grand British undertone to island life. Pink government buildings at Rawson Square (actually a circle) face cruise ships whose passengers are drawn to a day of duty-free shopping downtown. A new museum interpreting the colorful Junkanoo tradition is tucked at wharfside in the ships' shadows. Tiny pubs and restaurants dot Nassau's narrow side streets. And a bustling straw market houses hundreds of vendors ready to bargain with souvenir merchandise. You can even catch a ride on a horse drawn carriage.Cross the bridge to Paradise Island where beaches are first-class and the resort selection is excellent -- from upscale chic on stately estate grounds, to a yoga retreat, condo facilities (great for family vacations), and large luxury properties (one with a glass tunnel for viewing marine life and a low-key water park). Activity abounds at every turn. Paradise Island has an excellent golf course and its own small airport.Grand Bahama, with resort development at both Freeport and Lucaya, has the same features on a smaller scale. Golf, tennis, watersports and duty-free shopping are popular and plentiful. And the island moves at a leisurely pace.

Number 3 - Venice, Italy Venetians will host you in elegance, talented musicians and singers will serenade you at candlelit dinner tables, and you can recline in a gondola with your love, gliding gently along an enchanted Venetian canal. Join Goethe, Byron, Dickens, Rousseau, Rubinstein and many more artists, musicians, poets world travelers, adventurers and other seekers of culture and comfort who found a place of inspiration and refuge in Venice.

Number 2 - Rome, Italy Rome has scores of beautiful romantic lanes, restaurants and parks. However, lovers may find that crowds can be off-putting, and the tourist industry leads them away from the quainter local corners. Try escaping the crowds down the small medieval lanes leading from the busy squares - around both Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Navona there are plenty of pretty corners where you can escape the worst of the crowds. Wandering along these lanes arm-in-arm is a romantic experience in itself, but you could add to the moment by visiting some of the smaller bars and restaurants you'll find here, catering for locals as well as tourists.

Number 1 - Paris, FranceIt is recommended that everyone visits Paris atleast once in a lifetime...For the city is unique in its style and the restaurents with tents overhead are a treat to watch and relax...and if you have a good companion with you that will add to the fun will definately fall in love with the city with its charm and romantic feeling. There is certainly romance in the air of this famous city.

You've seen the scene in almost every romance set in Paris: a couple embraces for a deep kiss on a bridge overlooking the Seine River. There's a reason filmmakers use this image. It's wonderfully romantic. Take your honey to the nearest bridge, walk to the center and get smooching. Fancy a French kiss anyone?

And if you're still wondering, yes, I will bring you to all these places babe!


Anonymous said...

nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

I grin with pride to see London on this list of yours. Thanks for including London! :)

Kokd said...

THank you! Hope you get to do this list!

Anonymous said...


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Jolynn said...

Hey Norman. Jo here (s3)
Definitely agree with Venice. that would be an IDEAL place to go back to Hope ur keeping well :)

Anonymous said...

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