Saturday, November 14, 2009

Love is a game, you make the rules.

Figure 1: Sample rules, just for laughs. (Surprisingly enough, they hold some truth!)

5. Love is a game, you make the rules.

I wonder how true this statement is but it is honestly not mine, yet a good one to ponder on
How can there be love when there are rules you ask? In fact, love requires the utmost discipline you can imagine and those who are in the same boat would agree. Especially true is with LDRs. There are certain rules that are implied and some rules that need to be agreed upon.

The implied rules differ significantly from person to person, so it would be best to know your partner and think the best for them. You might want to actively ask whether doing something is alright with your partner especially when you are oceans apart. Just making the effort will really win a girl's heart where as guys have a range of responses. Implied rules may include no touching or no scoping and I reiterate, is strictly up to your individual partner. You may sometimes find some rules unacceptable, but these if these rules come from your partner, it reveals another part of him or her. Take note and act wisely.

The other more tangible rules may involve how often we keep in touch or how long for. Some may question, "But isn't talking as long as possible better?" Not necessarily. It is good to talk often but not for too long. There are many reasons to keep your contact time moderately long. Among other things, the longer you talk, the less time you have to fulfill your purpose being so far in the first place. You might also exhaust the list of things to talk about and your contact time may not be as filled with content when you first started. Also, most people will be using Skype, Facebook, MSN or some other computer applications. Remember, sitting in front of the computer is not a healthy thing to do, and you may very well end up contributing a lot more to the optician.

Just to complete the post, here are some of the LDR rules that you can consider abiding:
1. If you are in different time zones expecially, set your time limits.
2. When you have quality time, make sure it is quality.
3. Assignment due tomorrow has priority over MSN or Skype.
4. Thou shall not make me jealous.
5. I will for give you if u are sorry.

Just remember, rules can change, so keep reminding each other if one forgets.

1. LDRs can work
2. Prepare to give and sacrifice often
3. Make time for your partner
4. Distractions
5. Set some rules
6. Tell the truth
7. Go the extra mile
8. Get out of temptation
9. Practice and Learn
10.Expect arguements and be forgiving

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