Friday, November 6, 2009

LDRs can work!

1. Long Distance Relationships can work!

Before I bade farewell to my Babe at the start of our LDR, I made it very clear in my mind that we were going to pull this through. After almost 6 years, here we are! We are still student living on a shoestring budget yet, we somehow managed to keep our relationship alive and kicking.
Despite all the negative stigma, LDR can be made to work. You just have to want it so much to work. Remember, it will not be permanent.

When there is a will, there is a way. It is not easy but if you find someone worth holding on to for the rest of your life, then the added effort will not go to waste at all. Learn the implied things that is expected and learn the techniques that can be used. Set up rules and make sure you make time for your partner. These are just simplest things but the most fundamental things that will ensure that love can flourish when physical contact is removed.

LDR is also quite important in a way that it tests your love and your dedication. So a person with dedication and true love would no have so much problems going into one.
Be sure you know what you are committing yourself to first. No offence but make sure that it is really love thats going on. The type that you can see yourself together with that special person for a very long time to come. Otherwise, LDR might be an excuse to move on. I guess that is what many people end up with, not being able to tell the difference between an LDR and an excuse.

The lesson here: To survive a LDR, you have to learn how. There are many tips, logical and interesting ways you and resources all over that will help you stay together despite the distance. Look for motivation or inspiration from people who have lasted and finished the LDR race to live happily ever after.

1. LDRs can work
2. Prepare to give and sacrifice often
3. Make time for your partner
4. Distractions
5. Set some rules
6. Tell the truth
7. Go the extra mile
8. Get out of temptation
9. Practice and Learn
10.Expect arguements and be forgiving

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