Monday, October 26, 2009

Understanding men and women

Specially dedicated to my babe!

We have been together since Jan 24th 2004 and going strong!

To all the guys out there, this is to you all! (Starts a speech: I have a dream.....)

Ladies, have you ever stared at your guy in disbelief at the remark he made? You love him so much but sometimes he just doesn’t make sense. Or have you ever wanted to kill him for not understanding why he is such an insensitive pain in the neck? There have been TOOOO many articles relating to pleasing her but little accurate or informative articles relating to understanding him, save the market hungry top 10 lists that aim to do no more than sell women's magazines. Hopefully this will give a break to the guys and girls out there! Note: this article focuses more on the male of the species, so please don’t get offended if you feel that your gender is under represented here!

Why men and women behave the way they do
Pyramid vs Peer Group
Winner vs Warmer
Me vs We
Focus vs Multitask
Headlines vs Details
Bringing upvs bringing down
Flexibility vs Independence
Literal vs Implied meaning

Hope you enjoyed this article! Special thanks to my one and only Babe for being the best girlfriend a guy can ever have. I'll see you in 30 more days so just hold on dear!

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