Monday, October 26, 2009

Winner vs warmer

Simultaneously the source of mankind's greatest strength and his greatest weakness (Have a think about it). Men prove their worth through competition and obstacles and this have brought us to the world we now live. It is in our genes to challenge each other. Careful not to let your challenges go out of control or you might be proven wrong. Not uncommon to hear a conversation between guys:

Guy A: I was thinking of getting this phone, it does this and that... (and a second guy tries to outdo the first by showing off what he knows)
Guy B: Yeah, I have read the review on this website, say that this phone is not user friendly ....... (and a third outdos all)
Guy C: I was testing out this phone because my greatgranduncle knows the manager at this company and it was not up to my expectation because of…

Which leaves A and B to patronize C. This would seem like mumbo jumbo to women, but this is exactly how men communicate and form bonds! This is how we exchange information and learn new things, whereas women usually aim to do their best at their game and make sure each other player has got their fair turn. For men to win, you must lose and it is evident in places like the share market or the football match! Even at home, how many times have mothers screamed, "You have to share, boy!" to that little boy. He is just acting on the most primitive instinct. Ever wonder why guys spend hours upon hours and tons of cash playing games which shows a big WINNER sign when it is done? Now you know .

In contrast, women are warmers, as in they want everyone to be in the game and they would sacrifice their effort and time to bring other up to have their fair chance. This way, everyone would not be left out. When your group has only two people, It is important to keep your girl company or she will be left out. Long distance relationship really removes the we out of we. She wants a piece of the game, a slice of your life. Deny her that and bad things will follow.

The moral for women: Please don’t get offended when we can’t control out instinct in an argument. Remind him, and keep reminding him (Yeah, men are forgetful) that “me” has become “we”.

The moral for men: Give as much attention as you can to your girl. She would give the world to be by your side and even more for you. Take good care of her heart and the rewards are boundless!

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