Monday, October 26, 2009

Pyramid vs Peer group

The social structure of men is a pyramid, where the leader occupies the top niche and the less dominant males occupy the bottom. The benefit of such a social structure is realized in how humanity has managed to build civilizations from the ground up. Leadership and rank has always been and is a norm in armies and the world's leading corporations. When the stature of men is established, it is easy to control the activities of a group and thus achieve a desired outcome. By forming a pyramid, all members benefit by associating with the group. How familiar is this? One boy could threaten another, "I have a big brother and he will get angry if you don't do what I say..." This leads most men to desire power and control. Especially, when the pyramid has only two people, it becomes quite hard for the man when his authority is challenged.

However, women prefer to form peer groups which each member is nearly the stature as each of her sisters. Take a herd of elephants for example. They are all female! The head of the group is the oldest female, which lead the close knit community and decide where to go. The males live solitary lives and only meet the females to mate. Sad no? Anyway, the whole idea of flat social structure is that everyone helps each other. The most famous matriarch is no doubt Oprah. She created a worldwide peer group for women and this reflects the one of the differences between men and women.

Moral for men: Keep you desire for control in check, sometimes is okay to say sorry to your girl. Remember, she wants to do what is best for the “group”.
Moral for women: Learn to recognise this urge to control, then decide whether to give or to take away the power.

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