Monday, October 26, 2009

Flexibility vs Independence

Men strive for freedom in many aspects of their lives. They aspire to be the boss, to have that new gadget that no one else has and to define himself in his own Add Imageunique way. It is obvious how this behavior benefits the society. Just browse through the history books and realise that independence of many countries were led by men. Yet in this modern world when there is little war or violence, the need for independence is is hard to be satisfied, so men seize any opportunity that they can to be exactly that.

Women on the other hand prefer flexibility. Oh, an eyeliner that has a built in brush and curler, or a store that has so much variety of shops, shopping time! Well, since ancient times, women have been tasked with gathering for the community, in markets and on the plains, flexibility has been built into them to function well as home maker and this skill has seen them rise up the corporate ladder faster that mushrooms in the rain. The outcome of this is, women nowadays demand more than their ancestors.

Ladies: This means that sometimes, the only opportunity to gain independence is in the relationship. Let him do what he has to and appreciate him for it. Show him that you are thankful for what he has done for you.

And to all the men out there: Yeah, it kinda sux having this need for independence. I guess the only way to be independent is to literarily be independent. I could use some tips on this myself, but one thing is for sure: She has the potential to do great things, just give her the motivation and create the mood. You will thank her and love her more if you when you see her true potential.

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