Monday, October 26, 2009

Headlines vs Details

Ever wondered why he doesn’t even realise how much effort you put into fitting into that dress and making up to look good? And all he says is, “You look beautiful tonight". And guys look in disbelief when their girl instead of smiling, responds with a frown, "Is that all?". Don’t you just hate to be in that position guys? When looking for information, men usually take one look and absorb all he needs to, via a picture, a headline or a symbol, where as women when seeking information, require the details on who, when, how, what etc. Simplifying the complicated is a vital tool for men to function. Without making things simple, understanding is made complex and the most intricate things in the world would not be understood. ALL scientific theories have SIMPLE underlying assumptions and principles and the most beautiful manmade creations, are usually the simplest. For instance, the current theory of everything: String theory which assume that everything is made of very small vibrating strings in 13 dimensions, sublimely simple escape!!. This probably has to do with the fact that nature has been casting out genes in the Y chormosome =(.

Women however are more a complex creation. They can spend hours upon hours doing their hair, makeup, foundation, mascara, trimming, and the list goes on. Their keen eye for detail is thought to be important for early gatherers. It would have been advantageous for these women to notice the subtle differences between this fruit and that root. So much so that women have a 6th sense that would scarealmost every other guy. Notice how women, when they meet they go "I love those earrings and that heels match your bracelet, I got it at... with my friend and my mum and we were out doing this and ......".(Guys, I caught you looking at the time) She sees things that he does not notice. (Actually is more about men being ignorant and seeing less, I have to admit). Her eye for detail makes it important for everything to be in order, hence now, almost 40% of world managers are women!!! In fact 100% of women who become mothers are managers!! They manage the home, the kids and the husband.

In light of this, men: take notice of all, even the smallest detail and every effort she has put in for you, tangible or intangible, for she will be grateful. Thank the stars for you woman (and you mum while you are at it) for it is no menial task juggling all the emotion and the responsibilities. ALWAYS, ALWAYS appreciate her because she is important (or will be important in your life.. Thank you Babe!).

Women: I guess men are disadvantaged at this, so bear with us. We need practice to notice the important details! We still love you none the less.

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