Monday, October 26, 2009

Me vs We

Men generally are soloists where as women see themselves as ensemble players. A man usually want to do things alone and gain satisfaction from accomplishing something on his own. He wants to stand out from the rest and feel special. He will attempt with all this might and power to perform a task and will only ask another man for help when he is unable to. Seeking another man’s help is patronising him and the person who asks feels delighted to receive his knowledge while the other man feels important as he can convey value to his friend. They both become closer!

However, if a girl offers him help, he will feel incompetent. Women however, live on the basis of "we". They tend not to leave people out and think about what is important for the group or the couple. They want what is best to maintain the relationship where possible. Indeed, women are better at organising people, for example a class and HR, a skill that has been handed down to them from generations of practice.

So guys: Remember to thank and recognise how your girl has thought about you both. Make the fact that “We” is more important than “Me” and you will find that you she will love you more for it!

Girls: Accept that a guy wants to do his best especially when he loves you. Sometimes there are things a guy has to do that a guy has to do. Support him by acknowledging that him and offer help but not to push help to him.

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