Monday, November 22, 2010

Boston Consulting Group Interview, London!

Oh sheet! First interview of the year and why did it have to be BCG!

The stupid me did not know that BCG is one of the most established consulting groups in the world, working for governments and all other huge corporations. I also did not know that the company had 70 offices around the world.

Ranked among the second best consultancy firm to work for, I think i should be preparing for tomorrow!

If you are interested in how to do well to their standards, read this!

Unfortunately, first interview i screwed! Sheet!

Oh well, note to self:

1) Train doing math without using a calculator
2) Do not trade in the stock markets the day before
3) Actually practice all answers and the interview
4) Prepare for Why this company and why consulting questions!

Hopefully I remember all the best interview practices

Objective of the interview

Things to prepare

At the Interview

Introducing yourself

Teamwork Skills

Technical skills


IT Questions

Hobby Questions

Ambition Questions

Money Questions

Fermi Questions

Weakness Questions

Never too late going over them, except that it is 9 hours to my 9 am interview!
Time to Zzzz!

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