Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What should you do on Halloween day?!?

Here's a tip:

Pumpkins! Certainly a must have to scare all those lil kids away! Hehe! Cheers to my Housemates, Ellie, Cheok, Ruben and the Chinaman!

Well, Halloween would not be complete with a scary movie! So we guys decided to watch something scary but entertaining as well!

Hilarious and lame jokes but not too long to bore you out. Quite funny and no thinking movie. There were some scenes that were just that gruesome but the show would be great for this time of the year!

Imagine Resident Evil, but with four people left on the face of the Earth. Two sisters with an attitude problem, one hunk of a guy and a geek who finds himself surviving the virus that turns everyone into mindless zombies!

Have a happy Halloween!

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