Thursday, November 18, 2010

STOMP is RUBBISH, Stomp a preview!

After my phone interview with Exxon HR, at 7.45pm, I rushed to Ambassador's theater at Leicester Square where I would meet Emir, John, Danny and two other friend of John's! Like many of London's shows, it was an 8pm gig and naturally, yours truly was running like the wind! Anyhow, I got to the place still in time to get a 7 up!

Yes, contrary to what people think, STOMP is a piece of rubbish. (Pun intended). I mean, from their humble beginnings, these guys now play music on all sorts of junk professionally for fifty pounds a ticket! When I say rubbish I mean Rubbish! They play music on matches, lighters, pipes, paint buckets and everything else INLCUDING THE KITCHEN SINK!!!

Here is the opening act if anyone is interested!

You can start your list from brooms, sticks,

Newspapers were next. This was one of the funniest acts of the show! Especially the guy with the shorts!

One of the highlights was also the air balloons! The sounds were so bass you would go boom!

Don't forget one of the coolest scenes! Zippos! They even played with matches and plastic bags OMG!

There were many more performances and interactive games at the show, but as for the finale, it went along the lines of:

Anyway, it was a worthwhile show to watch. It was amazing to see how creative can people be with ordinary things that we all take for granted. Not recommended for the faint hearted or the good hearing! but definitely a must do if you have the $$$. IF not, go get your sticks and bins out and go STOMP!


CL said...

I've always wanted to watch Stomp live!!! You so hv to bring me there when I'm in London!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

Kokd said...

Got money den only go okay?

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