Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to ACE Citi's Numeracy Test

Just did Citi's numeracy test. It is anything but a numeracy test. For all of you all who already done it, appreciate some feedback!

But seeing that 12 minutes is not enough  (trust me) for such a huge table of information, you will need preparation!

Yes, so my recommendations for applying to Citi is:

1) Come up with a ficticious CV and not your real name. Use another email account to correspond. Make sure its a good one such that they send you to the numeracy test.

2) Get invited to the numeracy test.

3) Do the test on your ficticious account.

4) Print screen every question. (and circulate it on the web if its legal)

5) Practice the questions and the format.

6) Now go apply with your real CV and email address, and do the numeracy test over again! Ace it and proceed to the next step!

Now that is preparation. Beat that Citi!

Good luck!


Kokd said...

Can anyone tell me if I'll get sued?

Also, get Excel up and learn to use the variance feature in excel!

Might be useful1

Anonymous said...

hello, do you have an example of the test so that I can practice it?

Anonymous said...

hello, can you share your print screens please?

Honeybee said...

So did anyone get hold of the test? pretty plssss? :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

can anyone please share the print screens of the exam with me?

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