Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 5 ways to destress!

This past week, my head feels like the below picture. The problem was, I could not find any reason to be stressed or to be anxious.

So, I decided to find out the best ways to destress!

1) Chocolate

Okay, chocolate suppose to make you feel nicer but seems that I have grown immune to the caffeine kick that it has... sad.

2) Movies

After unsuccessfully trying to destress using my dark friends, I decided to watch some movies in the hopes of feeling less stressed... So I went to watch an old movie... All the way from 1998, the Truman Show by Jim Carey!

Nope, even if it was a nice show, it did not help decrease the amount of stress. Immune to movies....

3) Youtube

What else do you do when you are stressed! Watch shows on Youtube in the hopes of finding some entertainment. After video number 5, I dosed off.

4) Stress ball

Haha, well, these lil things are really nice to squeeze. I prefer to throw them around against the wall. Hard. Then I started throwing it to the ceilng and then the ground. After 5 minutes, the stress ball was gone, hiding under some huge furniture. Oh well, at least I found something that decreased my stress.

5) Laundry!

Who knew doing the laundry can be so relaxing and destressing! Maybe its the feeling of clean sheets and socks! Who cares, it least it seems to work and for a good cause as well!


CL said...

I have to agree with doing laundry to destress!! It works really well! I think it's because laundry is a chore needed to be done. So when u finally do it, you'll feel a sense of relief!!

Anonymous said...

Heheh, hey bb! lets do some laundry together then!

Anonymous said...

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